Today’s girls

Due to private circumstances we will be closed on Saturday 2 July.
We hope to welcome you again on Sunday 3 July,
then we expect the following ladies: Sienna, Mary, Sascha, Dona.





+31206123444/ +31644633738 OR +31653291215







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The girls at Vienna salon erotique are all 21 years or older and skilled in erotic massages and sex. As most girls work part-time with us, you will hardly ever see the same girl the next day. Our goal is to introduce every day a different cast of girls during the day. Since we do not have any public areas to safeguard every visitor’s privacy, we introduce the available girls in a private room. Should you not be satisfied with our selection you simply walk out assured that your are always welcome another time. Should you decide to stay with the girl of your choice, you can identify to the management how long you intend to stay. Since we do not demand payment up-front you can change your plans and extend your stay without having to notify anyone or prepare a new payment.

For the sake of a good understanding we explain how we calculate the cost of your stay with us. After you have identified the girl of your choice, she will prepare a cool non-alcoholic refreshment for you and once she enters your room, the time starts. Our minimum stay is 30 minutes. Should you stay any time less than 30 minutes, we will still charge the full 30 minutes fee which is € 100.-  since we do not charge by the minute. To be very clear on this: in the odd event that you decide to leave after 10 minutes after the girl enters your room, you will be charged the full 30-minutes fee of  € 100.-

We work with 3 time slots, 30 minutes, 45 and 60 minutes for which we charge respectively € 100, € 150 and € 200. Upon completion of a 60 minutes time slot you can extend it each time by 30 minutes (no less) at an extension fee of € 100.- per half hour. Again here, we don’t charge by the minute, we charge for a full time frame, i.e. 30 minutes irrespective if you have consumed it or not.

All rooms have a large wall clock for your convenience to keep track of the time. Ultimately it is your responsibility what time you leave your room and we recommend that you be a bit punctual. Being late by 2-3 minutes over either time slot is never a problem, but from being 5 minutes late we charge the next time slot up and this is not up for discussion. So, please be aware of our time policy and how the final bill is composed.

Should you have queries in this respect, please discuss them prior to choosing a girl and committing to using our services to avoid any misunderstanding.