You deserve to be looked after well

For 31 years now we offer excellent value for money to local and international gentlemen who have come to appreciate the comfort and hassle free hospitality that we are provide. At Vienna we value discretion and are committed to ensure high customer satisfaction at each and every visit you make to our gentlemen’s club.

And that’s not where our high level of care ends. We ensure that our rooms are always clean and well maintained, set at the right temperature and constantly replenished with fresh towels and plenty of complimentary amenities for safe sex. After all, we really want to make sure you and the beautiful girls that look after you have nothing to complain or worry about, no extra money is asked for in the room, so no unpleasant surprises.

Now over to our fees. Our rates include the use of the room, the fee for the girl, a soft drink of your choice and of course our typically informal Dutch hospitality to making you feel at home during your short stay with us.

  • For 30 minutes we charge € 115.-
  • For 45 minutes we charge € 170.-
  • For 60 minutes we charge € 230.-
  • 30 minutes extension after 1 hour are € 115.- each

Please note that an extension goes by the half hour only, thus one can not extend by 10 or 15 minutes even if only a fraction of the 30 minutes extension has been used. Furthermore it is important to note that the client is always responsible for keeping an eye on the time. We log the start time of your session once the girl enters the room. Since you pay afterwards with us, you are your own time keeper! If you have queries regarding this policy please feel free to contact us prior to your visit or consult us upon arrival. Detailed information is also available in English in each room.

We take payments in cash, ATM/debit card and credit card. Please note that credit card payments are subject to a 10% surcharge. All payments by card are discretely represented on your bank statement for your comfort.

If you have any quiries regarding our rates, payment handling or any other matter, please feel free to consult us in advance.