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Are you in for a sex job where you can make a lot of money in a short period of time? Come and work for Sexcllub Vienna: thé sex club in Amsterdam. We are looking for seductive girls who want to work as a sex worker, escort or erotic masseuse. You decide what your limits are and how much you want to work. We guarantee discretion, anonymity, safety and good guidance. A sex job at Vienna is the most exciting job there is, full of passion and pleasure!

  • A well-paid sex job at Sexclub Vienna
  • Work as a sex worker, escort or masseuse
  • Earn up to € 500 per day!
  • Payed net every day
  • Discretion, hygiene and safety guaranteed
  • Completely anonymous
  • Working at the best sex club in Amsterdam

Are you a seductive girl aged 21 or older? Then we would like to invite you for an exciting and fun sex job at Vienna. Please contact us for more information or feel free to drop by. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Vienna is looking for beautiful, sexy girls for our escort service and our sex club.

Do you want to earn €500,- a day?

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Working at Sexclub Vienna

Sexclub Vienna has been the private home of Amsterdam for 30 years. Vienna has taken place in the top 10 of Amsterdam’s sex clubs. It is not without reason that Vienna, both nationally and internationally, is called thé sex club of Amsterdam. As an employee at the exclusive sex club you can count on a fair working method, discretion, anonymity and professional guidance. And of course… a lot of pleasure! Come up with your own unique name and get started at the best sex club in Amsterdam.

Below you will find the biggest advantages of a sex job at Vienna:

  • Regular, reliable customers: we have been in the same location for 30 years.
  • Completely anonymous: you come up with your own unique name and no photos are taken or posted.
  • Earn a lot of money fast: you’ll get paid every day.
  • Free WIFI!
  • Separate smoking area, only for sex workers.
  • Determine your working hours and days: only working on the weekends is also possible.
  • Fair and safe: you set your own limits.
  • Experience is not required. You are well guided by professionals.
  • Coffee, tea and soft drinks are always available.
  • The girls’ room has a kitchen, sitting area, lockers and TV.
  • Condoms, dental dams, massage oil and cream, lubricant etc. are all free!
  • Completely legal: we work with a permit from the municipality, according to the opt-in system.

Vienna is easily accessible and is located near Rai station and Amstel station. We are located approximately 50 meters from the A2, so you can easily reach us by car. Moreover, we are open every day from 10am to 7pm. We are also open during weekends and holidays. Are you curious about the possibilities? Get in touch with us. It is also possible to come by without an appointment.

The luxurious rooms are equipped with a bed, shower, bath, air conditioning, heating, TV, radio and a sitting pouf.

Working in a sex club

At Vienna you can work as a sex worker, escort or erotic masseuse. How do you find your passion and pleasure?

Working as a sex worker

As a sex worker at Vienna, sex, passion, intimacy, quality and – above all – fun come first. Our private house guarantees anonymity, safety and medical guidance. As a sex worker at Vienna, you can make your wildest dreams come true. Unleash the ultimate seductress in you. Are you charming and do you have a sexy attitude? Go for a sex job full of passion!

Working as an escort

Fancy a fun and sexy date? Come work as an escort at Sexclub Vienna. As an escort you can dress up and wear the sexiest lingerie and you know how to seduce a man in your own way. Moreover, you determine your own limits. As an escort in our luxurious private house, you will enjoy beautiful, clean and comfortable rooms. You can also choose to go to another location: cozy at home or in a hotel. Make your erotic fantasies come true and make a lot of money while doing so.

Working as an erotic masseuse

As an erotic masseuse you know how to seduce a man with your touches. You can fully indulge yourself during an erotic massage. Do you opt for teasing touches? Or do you go all out and treat a man with a body-to-body massage? Determine your own massage style. Of course, you can also count on professional tips to perfect your technique and to make erotic massage your own. Say it yourself, nothing is more fun than knowing how to make a man’s head go crazy with a few touches.

Interested in a sex job at Sexclub Vienna?

Are you curious about a sex job at Sexclub Vienna? Come and visit us and experience how fun and relaxed working is in our busy sex club. Always bring a passport! All seductive women of 21 years and older are welcome. For more information, you can reach us at 020 – 612 34 44. Or send us an email at

Tel: 020 – 612 34 44

Get in touch or drop by

Sexclub Vienna is a club that operates 100% legally, has required permits and meets the requirements. We ensure that everything is perfectly arranged, so that you never have to stress. For more information about a sex job at Vienna, please contact us by calling us on 020 – 612 34 44. Or send us an email at

Tel: 020 – 612 34 44

Permit number: ASD 1079HV/B014

The ladies may always refuse actions, for example if they do not find it hygienic or for any other reason. The use of a condom is mandatory.